The Best Option for Your Dentistry Needs in Park Ridge, IL

The office of Dr. James D. Maloney has been the go-to for many Park Ridge, IL residents when it comes to their dentistry needs. Dr. Maloney was raised in the Park Ridge area and has a great reputation among the people there for being a knowledgeable and friendly dentist. He values each and every one of his patients and works hard to meet all of their needs. Finding a great dentist who knows the value of preventative care will help to ensure that a patient’s smile stays looking its best for a long time to come.

Providing Care for Patients Both Young and Old

Dr. James D. Maloney provides care for patients both young and old. Having a family dentist can be very beneficial and will help to reduce a lot of stress. Our staff takes pride in providing a friendly and clean environment for all patients. We also use the latest technology to make sure that the dental solutions we provide are comprehensive and the best that the industry has to offer.

We Care about Your Dental Health

Preventative dental care is just about the best thing a person can do to keep their teeth healthy and vibrant. Dr. Maloney is a huge proponent of preventative care and encourages all patients to come in for routine cleanings. Our staff truly cares about our patients’ dental health and will work hard to make sure any issues they have are fixed in a timely fashion.

Choosing to use the office of Dr. James D. Maloney, D.D.S. will allow a patient to take advantage of some of the best dental care in all of Park Ridge, IL. Be sure to call us at (847) 692-3030 to schedule a consultation.


Practice Overview
Our office provides a wide range of dental procedures. We Integrate our warm, caring attitude with technology that enhances your comfort and improves the final result. We offer one appointment crowns, clear retainer orthodontic treatment, root canal therapy, periodontal treatment, as well as a full range of cosmetic procedures. Coming soon.....Laser cosmetic procedures.
Advanced Technology
Dr. Maloney has been utilizing laser technology for over 15 years. Everything from "no shot" dental restorations to laser assisted root canals are accomplished with this incredible technology. Our office is currently on the forth generation of laser machinery.
Sleep Apnea
Laser technology advances have also led our office to be one of the very few practices trained in the treatment of sleep apnea through the NightLase (TM) protocol. This procedure requires no anesthesia and in many cases eliminates the necessity of wearing a night time appliance.
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